Private Lessons

I started going to Sheila for training almost two years ago after first approaching her about buying a five year old horse that she had. After speaking with her about the horse and my riding experience she advised me against the horse as I wasn’t experienced enough and needed a horse with more mileage before competing a youngster of such a high standard. I found her honesty in this very helpful as another person would have sold me the horse which I wouldn’t have been able for. Following her advice I bought an older horse and went to Sheila for training. I travel two and a half hours to her yard to receive training. Her way of explanation is second to none, she brought me right back down to basics and pointed out bad habits I had from other trainers in my very first session, the difference in my riding was unbelievable within weeks. It’s a complete one to one session, she will never push you beyond your limits and will give you every bit of confidence a rider will need. I often think Sheila should write a book, her knowledge on the horse and rider is unreal, she is a mind of information. My own business of a livery yard and rider had gone from strength to strength since starting with Sheila, I have a full yard all the time and have got the ride of some lovely horses all because of the way she has taught me. When I started with Sheila I was jumping a meter (not very well), I’m presently preparing for the Munster Grand Prix circuit 2014. I’m 100% sure this would not be possible if I wasn’t being coached by Sheila.

Sharon Clifford

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1 or 2 week Intensive Course

I went to Richmond Park Stud for a weeks training with my 5 year old mare. I lived on site for a week and I got involved in many aspects of the yard including stallion collection, mares being scanned and newborn foals, this was a whole new invaluable experience for me. I also had the chance to ride some of the amazingly schooled and talented grand prix jumpers that are on site.

Sheila specialises in one to one tuition, after taking a full history from me and riding my horse herself she worked out a personalised training programme that suited both of us perfectly. Sheila explained and demonstrated her instructions in a clear manner and gave reasons for her advice.

My flatwork and jumping improved 100% by the end of the week. I now have more of an understanding of how to school and jump my horse more effectively.

I enjoyed my time so much that I have been back to Richmond Park Stud for week long courses with my horse many times.

Sheila is an extremely knowledgeable, natural and effective instructor who has taught me a great deal, her experience at competition level gives riders an incentive to progress further.

I would highly recommend Richmond Park Stud to anybody who wishes to enhance their knowledge in riding and the equestrian world!

Alan Trautt

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I have been an owner of several show jumpers and have had horses with several different trainers both in the US and Ireland. Fifteen or so years ago I was having trouble with a horse I was riding. I asked Col Gerry Mullins who I should go to for help. He suggested Sheila White. Not only did Sheila help me with my problems, she produced the horse to a higher jumping level. The care and personal attention Sheila gives the horses in her training program is exceptional. As I travel back and forth from Ireland to California, I am confident that my horses are in the best place possible. Sheila produces wonderful young horses and I have seen her rehabilitate older horses whether it be a physical issue or a mental issue. Sheila does not treat her horses as “Sports Equipment”, which is so important to me as it should be any owner! She is also honest to a fault. I have brought several friends from the States to her looking for all different levels and types of jumpers with great success. Sheila helped me produce a 4 year old gelding which was later purchased and sent to Rich Fellers. Jennifer Hews

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 Working Student

I worked in Richmond Park Stud from Feb 2012 – Aug 2012. I lived onsite and I had an amazing time. Sheila is an amazing teacher and during my time I watched many riders and horses progress together under her supervision. The day was always varied from stud work to schooling, foal handling, and grooming which was my passion. There were trips to shows on a weekly basis and I got to see some top class jumping. My highlights there were handling the foals, getting to turn out some amazing horses for big shows and the training I received from Sheila in every aspect of horse management and care. I would highly recommend applying for a job here as the skills and knowledge I learned will never be forgotten and have provided a very solid foundation to build on. Saoirse Binley


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We bought a horse from Richmond Park Stud and we cannot praise breeder and horse enough – in every aspect the horse is what we were looking for: extremely mannerly,willing,talented, brought up with knowledge, time and care. It is even better and easier than Sheila had described it when we went to look at it. A horse with no issues. If ever we have to look for another horse,this is the place we will visit first, a very impressive,helpful and trustworthy place. Renate Neubeck,

Douce Mountain Farm